Can you pay your way out of a condition you eat your way into?

Sep 28, 2023

A dear friend: My menopause started when I was 43 or so. My hormones have all been out of whack and I have felt only better I got on Hormone Replacement Therapy. See! Out of the blue I am getting these hot flashes now.

Ramm: Your body is trying to protect you. You've been poisoned!

The dear friend: What? How?

Ramm: You didn't have it when you walked in. It's something you just ate or drank now

The dear friend: No! What could it possibly be?

Ramm: It could be the beer... or the fish or lamb... they both were very tasty... must have had MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate, also called Umami or China Salt in some parts of the world).

The dear friend: That's it! Let's call the chef and find out!

The Chef: Ma'm, we don't put any MSG.

The dear friend: My friend was wondering why is the meat tasting so good!

The Chef: Oh! We only use the "Chef's Art" powder in our dishes, ma'm. We don't use MSG at all!

The dear friend: Okay, thank you so much!

Ramm: Now all we need to do is check online for the ingredients of 'Chef's Art'.

The dear friend: Right away!

Ingredients in Chef's Art chicken broth powder mix
Holy Moly!

Ramm: There's more to it.

A reference from the medical literature on the toxicity of MSG or Umami or China Salt

Ramm: There's more to it.

"Can you pay your way out of a condition you eat your way into?"

- Ramm