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Inspiration 1: The Surgical Safety Checklist

The 19-point Safe Surgery Checklist used in operating rooms was a revolution that ended up reducing preventable adverse events (avoidable harm/error) in surgery by at least 40%.


Inspiration 2: The Apgar Score

When someone asked “You always tell us to look at the baby when it’s born, but what exactly are we looking for?” Dr Apgar grabbed a napkin and wrote down five things -  heart rate, breathing, muscle tone, reflexes and skin colour. The Apgar Score to identify babies who need immediate medical attention was born.


Inspiration 3: SOFA Score

The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment or SOFA score was developed to assess the acute morbidity of critical illness at a population level and has been widely validated as a tool for this purpose across a range of healthcare settings and environments.

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Nutso is Earth's first evidence-based comics where you will find the inspiration sources cited, just as you find in medical literature.

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