Is a loved one in the Intensive Care Unit?

What can you do differently? From pneumonia, sepsis and septic shock to multi-organ failure and brain death, get the most sophisticated intel, protocols and solutions to help.

Rammohan C Bhoopalan, Founder and CEO

Ramm’s experience includes setting board protocols and leadership transition after an M&A deal for the world's 2nd largest public-listed healthcare network.

He has worked with both a ventrure firm as Entrepreneur-In-Residence as well as held leadership roles in funded startups that have raised upto $90Mn in pre-IPO.

Ramm's passion for patient safety and focus on metrics that matter has led him to collaborate with leaders in the field to offer unique solutions that reduce mortality and morbidity in healthcare.


Holistic Critical Care

The Safest ICU Facility For Discerning Families

Who Are The SafestDoctors?

Those who will consistently look for ways to improve their craft and outcomes for their patients.

We endeavour to help save lives in critical care even after the doctors give up hope.

Powered by intel from deep, multi-disciplinary expertise, we offer unique solutions at the cutting-edge of modern medicine.

Dr Chinnadurai R, MBBS, MD - Anesthesiology
Critical Care Delivery Leader

Dr. Chinnadurai is the head of all Intensive Care Units of a leading hospital chain with a team of 120 Intensivists, nurses and technicians. He has 15+ years of leadership experience and sees a great need for innovations that improve outcomes and  patient experience in critical care.



Critical Care Delivery Leader

Dr Rangappa is a leader in Critical Care medicine with experience of over 20+ years and is famous for his lectures in educating practitioners worldwide. 

Major Dr Pramod Bagali, MD - Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

SafestDoctors Clinical Advisory Board - Digital Orchestration of Critical Care

Major Dr. Pramod is a leader in Digital Health (forensic visualisations and Non-Invasive Autopsy) in the Asia Pacific and has a wealth of experience from his battlefront deployments of triaging critical care for soldiers. He is an Agile Scrum Master with a proven track record of winning and delivering $5Mn+ projects.


Dr P K Devadass, MD (Forensic Medicine)

SafestDoctors Clinical Advisory Board - Brain Death and Organ Transplantation.

Dr Devadass was Prof. Law and Ethics and later the Dean of Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute, KN, India. He has advised numerous benches as Amicus Curae in Medico-Legal Decisions and has deep insights into clinical, administrative and legal aspects of medicine.



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Intelligence Report

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Map the history of symptoms, tests, diagnoses and treatments to proposed solutions with powerful insights

Establish scope for impact

Share context without disclosing Personally Identifiable Information

History, Current Status and Prognosis

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Facilitate healthcare journey

Identify and engage the right care providers

Facilitate daily improvements in patient safety and quality of care

Deploy a holistic (multi-disciplinary) approach towards patient outcomes

Powerful decision-aid and communication system for caregivers and providers

Compelling evidence-based culture in healthcare

The Patient Journey

Current State

Patient is critically ill in ICU/CCU or

Is Terminal/Auto-Immune/Chronically Ill

(Typically worsening symptoms)


Private Intel

Patient/Family commissions Case Review

(SafestDoctors Assessment Report)

to identify risk and opportunities


Action Plan

Rapid/Detailed Intel

Insight on recovery pathways

Proposed solutions and milestones


Agree on Milestones

Patient/Family aligned to recovery milestones

Choose preferred payment plan

Med-Evac to own facility if need be


Typical Milestones

Out of mech ventilator, vasopressor, coma etc

Out of the ICU and into the ward

Out of hospital and no readmission for 28 days


Frequently Asked Questions

What were you doing before offering critical care solutions?

We used to offer private intelligence in healthcare for high-networth families.

For example, the CEO of a midsize hedge fund came to us after going from pillar to post to know why his son's specific enzymes were high by a 1000% and had, in fact, scheduled a pretty invasive procedure to find out what's going on.

We provided the intel that it was a specific series of actions that he took over the previous 4 years driving up those enzymes.

Now that we knew why they went up, the need to subject a young adult with an invasive procedure that kills 22% more than those they are supposed to save became moot.

We charged a bit more than the invasive procedure they had signed up for and they were able to avoid all the suffering and uncertainty. We've got one happy father and son there now!

There was also the case of many neurologists between Washington DC and Singapore perplexed for a full 11 months as to why their patient kept complaining that had a burning sensation that moved around. After all the battery of tests he was told that they found nothing wrong and it was probably in his mind. We solved that mystery for good in less than 2 months. It was due to something he had consumed over a period of 10 days at the beginning of the year. 

When you are able to figure out what's driving a specific condition, our/your doctors can focus on getting the treatment you need to be very precise.

Insights from such experiences has led us to believe in a business model that will reward outcomes in an outsized manner and not just time and material effort. 

When you engage us while navigating your healthcare, we reward both the doctors and hospitals we deploy in your care better as long as your desired goals are met, which in ICU/Critical Care Medicine would mean life or death.

Who do you serve?

We serve patients and their families who are looking for evidence-based solutions for their unique conditions.

We ideally help those with a poor prognosis in the ICU.

We also engage with patients and their families to proactively prevent acute situations to keep them out of the ICU.

Why SafestDoctors?

We provide sophisticated and private intel in healthcare for discerning clients and their families.

This usually is in the form of a report with hyper-personalised insights and solutions that may not have had been considered or accessible so far in the patient's healthcare journey.

We also help with an international and multi-disciplinary team most equipped to address severe and complex cases over a short turnaround times.

We are laser-focused on reducing mortality and morbidity and have gone to great lengths to acquire to sophistication we now possess in terms of People, Process and Protocols.

Do you accept insurance?

No we don't accept insurance.

Our solutions constitute proprietary information, protocols and approaches and we are currently not in a position to share or disclose any information with insurers or any other payors. 

How do we pay for the different plans?

For the consult, you can click through the button and pay through the PayPal link provided.

For all the other plans, please write to [email protected] or chat with us on WhatsApp.